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Angie Rice, wife of James, mother of Channelle and Chase (Alyssa), grandmother to Jax Hartle and Cayne Rice, and most importantly, a daughter of the King.

In 1979, I gave my heart and life to the Lord. My pastor at the time, T.F. Burchett, quickly “threw” me into service for the Lord, such as teacher, youth ministries leader, co-editor of church newsletter, VBS Director, directing plays, etc. Now, as I look back, I am very thankful for every nudge or push he directed me to.

For eight years I owned and operated an event center after retiring from teaching elementary education for twenty years.


Several years ago I founded a women’s ministry, “SCARFS.” Serving Christ And Ready For Service!


Then, after almost 40 years of serving God, teaching children, teen and adults, (in that order), and after a five-year jail ministry, I felt a call to minister while attending the 2018 WV Camp Meeting.


For a year and a half, I was praying, not doubting God, but, like Gideon, doubting myself. After a final nudging from God, I received my Exhorter’s license in 2019.


Also, in 2018, I received another “nudging” to finish a book I had started years prior. I recently turned that in to my editor and am very hopeful to see this come to light soon.


Years ago, I had written a study on prayer. In 2020, I was approached by a group of ladies, about ministering on prayer. Little did they know, God had been speaking to me, for some time prior, about prayer. We came together in preparation and the Women of Faith Prayer Warriors was birthed. This is how our loving, mighty, God works!


It is a wonderful experience working with other ladies to bring God’s love and Word to others.


I am excited and looking forward to going forward as a servant of the Lord!

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